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1st November 2016




Sarwat Gillani, Bushra Ansari, Qawi Khan, Shameen Khan, Shabbir Jan, Hasan Niazi, Syed Jibran.


Iqbal Hosain


Cereal Entertainment Company


Iqbal Hosain


A multi track story with all the masala of romance, humour, action, intrigue and suspense. A powerful story about a beautiful Hindu girl Seeta who is with her handsome neighbor Ratan Lal, she is devastated when he marries the older Nandini because she is able to pay off his hefty loan. Unable to have a child because of her advanced age, Nandini turns her passionate about educating herself and other girls in her locality. Madly in love rage and frustration on Seeta. She now wants Seeta out of her life and conspires with the evil Akash Chopra to make it happen. Meantime Akash finds another innocent victim in Mala Rani whom he manipulates for his own devious ends. Now begins a painful journey for both Mala and Seeta during which both face disgrace and humiliation in their community. How Seeta endures these trials, how vicious the passionate Nandini gets and how the sly Akash manipulates them all makes this a riveting plot. But the main thread is th


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